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So Sabi

Culture shock – from a rooster sitting on my kitchen table to eating white rice, potatoes, and fish at EVERY meal, I can now officially say I´m experiencing Cape Verde. I moved in with my homestay family a week ago … Continue reading

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.06% of Americans serve in the Peace Corps. I’m not sure if I should be proud or scared of this fact. Time will tell. I am officially here (!) my home for the next two years, Cape Verde (pronounced Ver-d … Continue reading

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Hold Me Tight

Roach motels. Tri-band phone. Shortwave radio. After scouring Redwood City for roach motels and interrogating the Verizon employee about the characteristics of a tri-band phone, I gave up on finding these “recommended” items. Hopefully they are not essential, especially the … Continue reading

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The Big Kahuna

Why? People have continually asked me why — why would I choose to venture across the world, away from everything familiar. It’s an honest, daunting question that I have tried, and will continue to attempt to answer. My answer begins … Continue reading

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