Hold Me Tight

Roach motels. Tri-band phone. Shortwave radio. After scouring Redwood City for roach motels and interrogating the Verizon employee about the characteristics of a tri-band phone, I gave up on finding these “recommended” items. Hopefully they are not essential, especially the roach motels…

As I write this entry, I have traded my favorite tunes for Creole podcasts, savored my favorite southern foods, and attempted to slim down my most important possessions into two suitcases, no small feat might I add. After numerous “see you later’s,” packing and repacking, visiting the doctor for travel prescriptions, gathering necessary documents, and attempting to tie up various loose ends, I am ready.

By ready I only mean the to-do list is complete. Am I mentally and emotionally prepared for this trip? Is that even possible? Often, I want to jump on the plane this very moment. Thirty seconds later, I am gripping my childhood stuffed animal hoping for comfort. I am scared. I am excited. I am nervous. I feel like a kindergartner on the first day of school — you envision your classroom, friends and teacher. You anticipate the arrival of school for what seems like an eternity (especially if you have an older sibling) and when the day finally arrives, you become anxious and not so sure of that big, outside world. You fear the worst and hope for the best.

Here’s to hoping, anticipating and envisioning:
Thursday, July 15 — Arrive in Boston for staging event
Friday, July 16 — Meet instant friends, fellow PC volunteers
Saturdayish (12:30am), July 17 — Leave for Cape Verde
Saturday, July 17 (9:30am or 6:30am EST) — Arrive in Praia, capital of CV
July 17 – July 21 — Brief orientation, including vaccinations
July 21 — Move in with homestay family for remainder of 9 week training

Now is the time for the polar bear plunge, 2 days and counting.

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1 Response to Hold Me Tight

  1. I totally have some roach motels if you need 'em. 😉

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