With Love

As I eat dinner each night, two young boys sit on our stairs patiently waiting for leftovers. Often, they wear only a ragged, dirty shirt – no underwear, no pants, no shoes. The flies swarm their open wounds, which are never cleaned or bandaged. Each night they come for dinner, waiting for my mom to fill her used plate with our leftovers. They never ask for more, yet they always share the plate of food – one takes a bite and then the other takes the same, calculated bite. No matter how hungry they must be, they take care of each other, ensuring that each one has their fair share. When I see this occurrence each night, I am taken back to my childhood. Whether we were sharing a piece of cake or a candy bar, my sister and I would fight over who had the biggest piece — never happy with our share, always wanting more. These brothers may only eat one, shared meal a day, yet their first priority is each other. That is an unconditional love like no other.

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1 Response to With Love

  1. Laeesha says:

    That's so sweet. It makes me think about how I use to argue with my sisters over the slightest thing. We take so much for granted in this world, I realize now how fortunate we are. Krista you are an inspiration and a blessing to so many people. I pray that God continues to bless you and keep you and those around you safe from harm. I am blessed to have you as one of my closest and oldest friends. Remember keep faith in God first and he will never steer you wrong. Love you and Miss talking with you. Love Laeesha

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