Who Will Dance On The Floor In The Round

When I see America from a Cape Verde perspective I am overwhelmed with images of Eminem, Jay-Z and Ralph Lauren. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, right? Although I know a different America, we give off a stench comprised of fashion, money and physical beauty. Every day, my homestay brothers jammed out to Kayne West and Lady Gaga. Every day, people ask me if I knew Michael Jackson. Every day, people scour the market for Ralph Lauren and Lacoste knockoffs. Although I love nothing more than blaring Billie Jean and a dance party, this is not the America that will progress and sustain Cape Verde. Designer clothes and Hollywood will not bring food and jobs to the islands. I see people striving for this superficial happiness and I feel misconstrued, as a country and as an individual. I want to replace those role models with authors, presidents and civil leaders. I want Cape Verde to meet my teachers, friends and family. I want Cape Verde to read my favorite books and meet my favorite characters. I want my homestay nephew to read, debate and explore. I want so much more for this island nation.

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2 Responses to Who Will Dance On The Floor In The Round

  1. Steve says:

    Krista,America is frequently known to the world by its popular culture – entertainment and sports figures in articular. This is both good and bad. Some sports figures, Michael Jordan for one, transcend national boundaries and is known by many in the world. # 23 jerseys are seen everywhere. Unfortunately, much of the material, hedonist, and selfish lifestyles of some celebrities are the only glimpse of America some people get. We are defined by those who do not represent our real values.That is way what you are doing is such important work. In you, people see a genuine person who cares for them and about them. You represent the true values and spirit of our country – really the best of who we are. You are not only a voice for us, but the hands and feet of Jesus. Keep on caring and doing – you are walking the walk. Many thanks!Be well.Much Love,'Mr. P

  2. go_deacs_09 says:

    I love you Krista, and I second your feelings of being misconstrued and wanting so much to say, "no, that America is not where I'm from! Let me show you what I know!" Keep on being who you are :)Love and Hugs Galore!Mary

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