Happy Fall Y’all

In honor of Turkey Day and homesickness for the familiar –

I am thankful for SHOES.  But not just any shoes. You know that favorite pair of shoes?  That pair of heels that makes you feel like a million bucks, or that pair with a nonexistent sole because you wear them so much and you refuse to throw them away, or that pair you can always count on – no matter where you are traveling, no matter what you are doing.  I have a new favorite, an all-time favorite.

This particular pair was given to me by one of my 5th grade students.  As she walked through the door, she immediately approached me with a plastic bag in hand.  She instructed me to sit down and replaced my sandals with a new, more colorful pair — exactly my size, an absolute perfect fit.  She was glowing; I was glowing.  My feet have never been so happy.  I will never throw them away.  I will wear them until they fall off my feet.  I will cherish them forever.

After all, it’s the small things in life that mean the most.  It’s sincerity; it’s sharing; it’s giving; it’s people; it’s love.  That is what I’m most thankful for.

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3 Responses to Happy Fall Y’all

  1. Rachel says:

    Happy Thanksgiving little one! I can’t wait to see you this winter 🙂

  2. Steve Pierce says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to seeing you over Christmas.

  3. Valerie says:

    I loved the story behind the new shoes. How heartwarming and it such a deserving soul that received them! Hope you are feeling well. Much love…..

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