When people ask me about my experience here, my first reaction is: “Where do I start?How do I begin to tell you about this crazy, beautiful, frustrating, heartwarming place I call home?”  I’ve tried to relay a small part of this journey through writing, through reflection, through contemplation.  And now I’m attempting this question with pictures — to put a face to these hearts and a landscape to this island.  These are just a few of my favorites.  Enjoy.

Best shower of my life, clean water for the village to drink, and the absolute perfect location for a festa.

Shine on, Cape Verde.

The beauty of rainy season.

My village, my mom, my first home in Cape Verde.

I never knew it was possible to climb a coconut tree, with your bare hands, in under two minutes.

Saving the environment, one donkey at a time.

Food made from scratch — corn to corn meal to masa.  A guaranteed workout for your upper body.

My nephew — a face I will never forget.

Rooftop view — best place in the house.

You never know who you just might meet.

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1 Response to IMAGine

  1. Jane Neal says:

    Krista, just found your blog tonight. I really loved reading your comments. You are a VERY gifted writer. I am so thrilled that you are getting the experiences that you are in Cape Verde! I pray God will use you there for His glory, and that you will gain a deeper sense of who you are in Christ as a result of your time there! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

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