Life As I Know It

Today marks the big six months.  Six months living across the sea, away from everything familiar.  I can’t believe it — pure madness.  It feels like forever and yet it feels like I arrived last week.  So much has changed and yet so much is still the same.

The question everyone asked me when I arrived home for Christmas — “Are you happy?”  Without a doubt or a pause of hesitation, I can wholeheartedly respond with a YES.  It’s a happiness I have never experienced before.  It doesn’t come from immediate pleasures – it comes from hard work and physical labor.  It doesn’t come from money, things or even a successful career — it comes from people, experiences and chances.  With this happiness comes bad days – days when I want to cut my losses and just go home; days when I cry for the familiar, days when my lessons are lost in translation.  Rather than a happiness that changes from minute to minute, holiday to holiday, this happiness is real — it’s an attitude, a state of mind.  It stems from appreciation, patience and time.

It has allowed me the chance to simplify, to clear away the clutter and see what was once hidden.  I am free from the constraints of time, free from a phone attached at my hip, free from the television blaring in my ear, free from the impulse to consume.

I visit.  I eat.  I give.  I take.  I dance.  I stumble.  And most importantly, I learn.  Yes, still learning…always learning.

24 people, leaving their families and friends behind. Now, we are 24 Peace Corps volunteers with even more friends and even more family.

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2 Responses to Life As I Know It

  1. Lauren says:

    You’re awesome, Krista! xoxo

  2. Steve Pierce says:

    Hey Krista Lou,
    We can all benefit from simplifying our lives. You have had your eyes opened wider than most of us because you are living in a society where simple living is a necessity. It takes a very conscious effort and discipline to simplify even a little here. However, regardless of our setting, we can make choices that allow us to center our lives and rely less on materialism and more on the spiritual.

    Continued prayers for you safety and health, and for the work you are doing. Our friend Donna put it best, “Love the people!”

    Mr. P

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