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No longer strangers

Recently I was reading an article (We take risks, others pay the price) about greenhouse gas emissions and their relation to “reckless risk-taking.”  The article discussed the fact that many industrialized nations refuse to fully support, and fight against climate … Continue reading

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And We Danced Anyway

Let’s boogie, cut a rug, break it down — no matter what you choose to call it, dancing fills our souls with happiness.  It brings people together; it puts smiles on our faces.  Dancing needs no common language, only happy … Continue reading

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Kissed by the Sun

Last weekend I got sunburnt.  And by burnt, I mean toasted – tomato red.  I guess you could say I was prepping for Valentine’s Day.  It was cloudy, so I escaped to the pool to enjoy a day free from … Continue reading

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Monkey Paw


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Today was a Fairytale

Today we started mappin’, world mapping that is.  Since day one of teaching at São Filipe’s elementary school, a fellow PC Volunteer (Jon Berg) and I have discussed, debated and envisioned a world map mural on the outside of our classroom.  And … Continue reading

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Footed Jammies and More

Through celebrations, conversations and camaraderie, Cape Verde has taught me that life is better without.  Releasing the unnecessary, letting go of the clutter and distancing myself from the mania has allowed me time to sit, to bask in the simplicity of … Continue reading

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