Footed Jammies and More

Through celebrations, conversations and camaraderie, Cape Verde has taught me that life is better without.  Releasing the unnecessary, letting go of the clutter and distancing myself from the mania has allowed me time to sit, to bask in the simplicity of it all.  Thus, in honor of the fast approaching weekend and those lazy afternoons ahead of us all, let’s talk about TV…

Life is better without TV.  A bold statement, I realize.  Instead of spending my nights sucked into the boob tube, I cook, I dance, I read, I color, I plan, I debate, and I play.  Something about silly competitions and inventive games does a body good.

Without TV, you are forced to do — to interact, socialize and entertain.  This is not to say I don’t keep up with the latest romance on Glee or watch an old Friends episode to lighten my mood.  On a lazy afternoon, I love nothing more than to curl up and watch a good movie.  Yet, because I don’t have access to cable, or a television for that matter, I am forced to find other things to fill my time.  I converse, I listen, and I contribute.

Without TV, we entertain each other.  And what better way to do that than a good old-fashioned PJ party.  Most of us haven’t had a good sleepover since childhood, when we carried our teddy bear and wore footed pajamas.

Why is that?  Maybe we get busy, or old, or used to the familiar, or our lives become filled with responsibilities, or maybe we like our beauty sleep too much.

Although I’ve only been here a little over six months, I’ve had more sleepovers than I can count.  A sleepover every weekend, sleepovers during every American holiday, even sleepovers during the work week.  An island of faraway villages and cobblestone roads lends itself to weekend retreats because when you visit someone, it takes time, money and effort.  It’s not a hop and a skip away.  It’s planned, it’s for the weekend, and it’s for a purpose.  So you stay awhile.

And you know what I’ve found?  Sleepovers are good for the soul — sleepovers without TV, sleepovers without Internet, sometimes sleepovers without electricity.  All you need are friends.  The rest will follow.

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1 Response to Footed Jammies and More

  1. Valerie says:

    I just love reading your posts Krista. I love how you express yourself and the transparency that you are willing to share. What is so amazing is that you understand God’s purpose for you in life … and with clarity! How remarkable to know at 23 years of age! May you feel God’s blessings today and throughout this journey. Valerie

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