Today was a Fairytale

Today we started mappin’, world mapping that is.  Since day one of teaching at São Filipe’s elementary school, a fellow PC Volunteer (Jon Berg) and I have discussed, debated and envisioned a world map mural on the outside of our classroom.  And today, with paintbrushes, meter sticks, pencils and chalk in hand, our vision came true, line-by-line and stroke-by-stroke.

We started the morning off with three PC volunteers looking at a vast, blank wall questioning our abilities, and ended with a vibrant, blue, nearly perfect rectangle and three additional helpers at our side, including a student and the school groundskeeper.  As we walked home, with blue hands and tired feet, we couldn’t stop talking about the next day of painting.  However, painting will have to wait because tomorrow is election day.

After a short ice cream break and an unscheduled nap it was time to tackle the NEXT big project of the day… what to make for dinner. After some serious brainstorming we decided on pizza with a chocolate banana coconut cookie pudding for desert. What began as a normal attempt at trying to make something edible turned into what could quite possibly be the most DELICIOUS pizza that Jon and I have made together — in my kitchen, with no cooking utensils and limited ingredients, all after beginning our world map project, that is.

You may be asking yourself- how did they do it all? Well…

Step 1: Buy pizza dough at the local bakery.

Step 2: Wander through the grocery store searching for toppings and then deciding on the perfect combination.

Step 3: Add 4 caring hands and mix assorted ingredients creatively.

Step 4: Take a series of photos with our homemade pizza (see below).

Step 5: Convince one another that leftovers wouldn’t keep well…

After all, in the words of Epicurus, an ancient Greek philosopher, “We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.”

As we end the day, listening to a short playlist on repeat (which includes a medley of Glee songs and Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”) still finding blue paint on our toes and under our fingernails, we can say “Twas a good day indeed”- some may even say today was a fairytale…

From Cape Verde with love,

Jon B. and Krista P.

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2 Responses to Today was a Fairytale

  1. REBrown says:

    Look at you little cooker-bug!

  2. Steve Pierce says:

    Krista, you just made this geography teacher very happy. Good luck with the map mural. We saw a few of them at schools in Belize this year.

    Mr. P

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