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Batuking for Women Around the World

Close your eyes and imagine you are a woman in Cape Verde…you will be the first to wake and the last one to go to sleep.  You will be responsible for washing everyone’s clothes by hand, including extended family.  You … Continue reading

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G and G across the sea

The first grandparents to visit PC volunteers in Cape Verde: my granma and grandpa, Wendy and Jim Craig.  They came with school supplies for my students, with maple syrup and chocolate chips for my sweet tooth and they left with … Continue reading

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My feet were bleeding and swollen, my costume was missing feathers and sequins, but I’ve never been happier.  For just a second, I stopped dancing – trying to take in the energy, the colors, the chaotic beauty of it all.  … Continue reading

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Fifty years and counting

March 1, 1961: President Kennedy announced the signing of the executive order and the formation of the Peace Corps at a national press conference. My favorite part of his announcement — “Life in the Peace Corps will not be easy. … Continue reading

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