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Easter, without the bunny

I wasn’t sure about spending an Easter without a sunrise service with my church family, dyed eggs, and of course, Easter candy.  Instead of Cadbury eggs and easter egg hunts, I spent the weekend attending a donkey race and visiting … Continue reading

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Ja sta!

I promised myself I would never paint another one of these time-consuming, detailed, never-ending maps again. However, after seeing their utter astonishment and curiosity with the magnitude of the world, I just might break my promise… As of Saturday, April 16 the … Continue reading

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For the past two weekends, I’ve found myself at the acclaimed club, Cockpit (pronounced Cock-e-pit).  Before I ever stepped foot into the night club, I heard story after story, that always ended with, “You’ve never been to Cockpit?”  Therefore, I … Continue reading

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Good Hair

Peace Corps is full of firsts.  The first time volunteers carry buckets of water on their head instead of turning on a faucet; the first time volunteers use holes instead of toilets; the first time volunteers use their hands instead … Continue reading

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