Good Hair

Peace Corps is full of firsts.  The first time volunteers carry buckets of water on their head instead of turning on a faucet; the first time volunteers use holes instead of toilets; the first time volunteers use their hands instead of utensils; the first time volunteers light their houses with candles instead of flipping on a switch.

On Friday, for the first time in my life, I cut my own hair (with a bit of help from my roommate).  I was avoiding the dreaded encounter with the scissors because I was afraid of the outcome.  However, my hair was overdue for a trim and haircutting scissors had just arrived in the mail (a big thanks to Carol Mahan).  Here, it is difficult to find someone willing to cut your hair.  And, if you find someone willing to take on the task, you never know the outcome.  I’ve heard horror stories and I’ve heard success stories.  I wasn’t quite willing to hand my hair over to fate.

With guidance from my cousin, and hair fashionista, Cara Craig, I took matters into my own hands.  And you know what?  All in all, the outcome was satisfactory.  A few out-of-place pieces here and there, but all in all, a good cut.  Sometimes anticipation can get the best of you.  It was even kind of fun.

Take a look for yourself:

Friday Fun

The Evidence

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2 Responses to Good Hair

  1. David Boyce says:

    Krista don’t worry hair just kinda grows on ya…….(lol)…..db

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