But I Get Up Again

Oops.  I realize Wednesday came and went, and my weekly post about simplifying never materialized. I have my reasons though. So here goes…

  1. It started on Wednesday with a bellyache that turned into frequent trips to the bathroom. I’ll leave it at that. I think I was overconfident about what my body could digest. I’m starting to forget I’m not Cape Verdean.
  2. Praia will have a water shortage all next week (May 23-27) and this could extend to the following weekend, too.”  Well…that week came and went, and water is still not appearing. I heard there was a water truck making its way around the city of Praia giving away free water, but the demand was too great for one measly truck. So, we’re back to square one — a sporadic supply of water and electricity, making it all the more difficult to remain a committed, loyal blogger.
  3. Festas.  What can I say, Cape Verdeans like to celebrate.  And I can’t miss out, right?
  4. On Sunday, I ran a “mini marathon” alongside locals who ran barefoot, or in flip-flops.  Who won?  Not me, that’s for sure…
  5. Swim lessons have officially commenced every Saturday morning, at the local beach.  At the moment, I’m attempting to become a certified lifeguard in a country that has no lifeguard certification trainings.  I’m also on the hunt for floaties, water wings, lifejackets and noodles to ensure water safety.  6-8 drownings every year is too many. All suggestions are welcome.

We did it -- dirt, rocks and elevation can't keep us down

And that’s a few days in the life of a Peace Corps Volunteer.  What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

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