Recycled Crafts

It’s summer.  It’s craft time.

Here are a few craft ideas, brought to you by my creative roommate.  I think I’ll keep her around a little while longer —

Recycled corkboard made out of wine corks and wood scraps

Just imagine what it will look like on the wall with pictures, notes, etc.

Recycled flowers from fabric scraps and bottle caps

With these flowers you can make bracelets, pins, headbands and more…

Flower power headband

Recycled duct tape wallets — use an assortment of juice or milk boxes, combined with an assortment of duct tape (hot pink, tie-dye, peace signs)

For example...

Everyone needs a wallet, right?

Recycled wallets made out of duct tape, velcro and juice boxes

For my summer camp next week, I’m thinking about making these bowling pins crafted from recycled water bottles.

Saving money, saving the world — one plastic bottle at a time.

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1 Response to Recycled Crafts

  1. Jon E. Berg says:

    Love the peace sign duct tape 🙂 Great job you two!

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