Never Stop

Life is about trying.

It’s about dancing when you have two left feet.  It’s about singing when you can’t carry a tune.  It’s about loving when no one is perfect.  It’s about attempting to find beauty in the every day.  It’s showing up even when you have nothing to give.  It’s creating instead of watching.  It’s about asking when you don’t know.  Life is about being.   It’s about experimenting with new ideas when the old ones don’t work.  It’s about trying to be you, even when you don’t know who that is.

It’s not about succeeding.

I have never regretted trying.  When I don’t know a word in Kriolu, I use a different word.  When I don’t know how to dance the funana, I dance anyways.  When I don’t know a thing about gardening, I begin by planting the first seed.  When I am scared of the unfamiliar, I start with everything familiar.  When I mess up, I say sorry and try again.  I never stop trying.  I never stop showing up.  Even when the day ends with tears, I get up and try again.   If Peace Corps has taught me anything, it is to always keep trying.  I may not save the world, but at least I tried.

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4 Responses to Never Stop

  1. Jan Ramsey says:

    I love you Krista Pool. Your posts bring tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. You are a woman wise beyond your years. Jan

  2. I love how you articulate the worldly “stuff” and remind us all that everyday of our lives is a gift and lets not take it for granted. Tomorrow is a new day and we can just start over. Living in the world of the “what if’s” keeps us from being all that we can be. Krista, thank you for sharing your heart. God’s Blessings to you today and each morning you wake up. love,

  3. Steve Pierce says:

    This is why you are one of my heroes!!

  4. Tamora Cook says:

    Thanks for this post. I needed this today!!!

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