Planning to Not Plan

Recently I received a brand new agenda book, a Moleskine planner, from America.  I was ecstatic.  As I broke the plastic wrap, and cherished the smell and feel of something new, a pack of stickers fell out of the agenda book.  I immediately started laughing as I looked at the stickers – colorful stickers to mark important dates in the months ahead: concert, cocktail, mountains, event, meeting, dinner, etc.  My immediate thought was, “When will I ever use these?”

This planner definitely was not made for Cape Verde, or any developing country for that matter.  I never know when events are actually going to take place.  It’s always last minute or if it is planned, it’s at least two hours later than you thought.  I never really know where the day will take me.  I get up, prepare as best I can, and see what happens.

I don’t use a planner in this country to keep track of appointments.  Rather, I use it to write down ideas, things I want to accomplish, with lots of question marks and uncertainties ahead.  It makes me smile to think about marking a date weeks in advance with a sticker.  It just doesn’t work that way here.

It’s funny how something as small as a planner reminds me of so many things I’ve forgotten about America.  A neatly lined book, awaiting my stickers and appointments, is a world apart from surprise visitors yelling my name, three-hour late parades, or gathering with neighbors over a bowl of cachupa.

If I marked anything in a planner with a sticker it would probably be my once-a-week hair washing or scrubbing my feet.  Oh vida.

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3 Responses to Planning to Not Plan

  1. Andrew Hunter says:

    Hey Krista!

    Just found your blog and I will be trying to get updated with all thats happening in your life. I think its awesome what you are doing and I highly considered Peace Corps before I decided on grad school. Hope all is well and keep up the good work!


  2. REBrown says:

    Put in fun things like petting goats and feeding chickens!

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