Don’t Hate…Appreciate

About a week ago, I learned the Kriolu word for hate (odio).  For more than a year and a half, I had no need for this strong, extreme word.  It’s probably a good thing I never knew this word because once uttered, it can’t be taken back; it lingers to be felt forever.

I learned the word for hate because one of my students translated the quote, “Inhale love.  Exhale hate.”  And now that I think about, it’s a perfect example of why I have fallen in love with these ten islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Cape Verdeans don’t hate.  Maybe they don’t like something, but they don’t hate anything.

Sao Filipe Elementary School

No stress, the motto of Cape Verde.  I hear it all the time, even when it’s the last thing I want to hear.  No stress and no hate.  I see it in the people around me every day.  They practice, and live in tranquility — not likely to succumb to extreme feelings such as anger and hate.

It makes me ask myself, why do we like to hate so much?  Even as children, we hate broccoli, or we hate cleaning our room.  When pitching a temper tantrum, we might find ourselves shouting at our mom or dad, “I hate you.”

Yet, is hate really necessary?

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1 Response to Don’t Hate…Appreciate

  1. Ginho says:

    the word ” hate should never exist”
    Dear friend Krista, i can see now how in love you are with the Islands.
    the Islands is in love with you too, because you are a good person.
    Love you
    See you soon

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