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Festa Bedju!

25 years old – a quarter of a century!  To celebrate the big 25 and my last couple of months in Cape Verde, I decided to throw a festa.  After all, I can’t live in Cape Verde for two years, … Continue reading

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Nha terra tambe

On many maps, you will not find Cape Verde.  Even by neighboring countries, it’s often forgotten – unsure if its identity lies with Africa, Europe, or somewhere in between. When I received my Peace Corps invitation, and opened it in … Continue reading

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Go with all your heart

I can’t believe it.  I don’t want to admit it to myself, or anyone else for that matter.  It makes me nauseous to think about it.  Here it goes…I only have three more months in Cape Verde.  Three months that I … Continue reading

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When there is no fix

Electricity — In America, it’s something you never think about.  When you turn on a light, it’s on, and it stays on.   This weekend, we had a citywide blackout for fifteen hours.  The electric company gave no reason, notice, or … Continue reading

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Fashionably Unfashionable

Before coming to Cape Verde, I was anxious about leaving all my stuff behind, all the comforts of life.  It may sound silly, but it’s true.  I wondered if I could survive without a washing machine, a microwave, a refrigerator, … Continue reading

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Don’t Hate…Appreciate

About a week ago, I learned the Kriolu word for hate (odio).  For more than a year and a half, I had no need for this strong, extreme word.  It’s probably a good thing I never knew this word because … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

One week of eating real foods is complete; now, three more weeks to go!  So far, so good…I feel better, and surprisingly, I’m enjoying spending more time in the kitchen and browsing for ingredients. I started off the week making … Continue reading

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