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Festa Bedju!

25 years old – a quarter of a century!  To celebrate the big 25 and my last couple of months in Cape Verde, I decided to throw a festa.  After all, I can’t live in Cape Verde for two years, … Continue reading

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When there is no fix

Electricity — In America, it’s something you never think about.  When you turn on a light, it’s on, and it stays on.   This weekend, we had a citywide blackout for fifteen hours.  The electric company gave no reason, notice, or … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

One week of eating real foods is complete; now, three more weeks to go!  So far, so good…I feel better, and surprisingly, I’m enjoying spending more time in the kitchen and browsing for ingredients. I started off the week making … Continue reading

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Eating for a purpose

Before I joined the Peace Corps, I imagined myself picking fruits and vegetables from a garden in my backyard, or a neighbor’s backyard.  I imagined how healthy I would become riding my bicycle around my village and eating raw foods … Continue reading

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Recycled Crafts

It’s summer.  It’s craft time. Here are a few craft ideas, brought to you by my creative roommate.  I think I’ll keep her around a little while longer — With these flowers you can make bracelets, pins, headbands and more… … Continue reading

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365 days

One year.  It’s hard to believe.  So much has changed in twelve months, yet so little.  Some days I feel like I’m striding, and others I feel like I’m stuck in quicksand.  Some days I want to stay here forever, … Continue reading

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Mappin’ it Out

From the beginning to the end. Questions are now answered — “Is that a Cape Verdean island (pointing to Canada)?” “Is this the whole world?” Traveling the world without leaving Cape Verde…

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