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How to create a wallet out of a juice box

This will show you step by step how to turn an empty milk or juice package into an original money wallet. All you need is an empty juice box, scissors, tape and about half an hour.

An overview

Juice boxes and similar liquid containers are used every day to sell drinks, juices, etc. The empty containers can be used for many other purposes before you throw them away. An original way to recycle them is to turn them into small wallets for money, credit cards, notes, or just for fun.

Materials you’ll need

You’ll need an empty juice box. The best to use is a brick-shaped container. Packages where all the sides are the same size (packages where the bottom is a square) are more difficult to use. If this is your first recycling wallet you should try to get a brick shaped package. 

You will need scissors, a stapler and something to close the wallet, like Velcro hook and duct tape.

Step 1: Clean the package

The best and easiest way to clean your emptypackage is to do it immediately after you have emptied it. Simply fill it with water, shake it and empty the water again. It is very important that thepackage is open when it dries. If you want to store the package for some time, before you are going to make your wallet, your package should be open at least on one side of the package, so air can get to the inside of the package.

Step 2: Open the corners on the sides of the package

Open the edges on the side of the package. Usually these edges are glued to the side and are easy to open. These edges need to be opened so that the package can be flattened in the next step.

Step 3: Open the corners on the bottom of the package

This photo shows the bottom of the box. The edges are typically glued to the bottom and are easy to open. Fold them somewhat outside so that it is possible to flatten the package. 

The easiest way to cut out the bottom is make a hole in the bottom with scissors and then cut it out.

Step 4: Flatten the package

Flatten the package by pressing the front and the back side of the package together. Try to make it really flat.

Step 5: Use scissors to flatten the package more

A good trick to make the package really flat is to use scissors to move over the folds. The packageshould be lying on a flat, strong ground, such as a table or on the floor. Then press the scissors on one side strongly on the fold and move the scissors with the same pressure along the fold. Usually it is enough to do this just once for every fold. Of course you can repeat it if it is not flat enough after the first time.

Step 6: Cut off the top of the package

Cut off the top of the package. You can cut along the line where the package was folded.

Step 7: Cut off the bottom of the package

Cut off the bottom of the package. You can cut along the line where the package was folded. 

Step 8: Clean the package

Open the package again. You can now look through it. Use the opportunity to clean the package some more inside. Make sure that the package is completely dry inside before you continue.

Step 9: Fold the sides to the inside

Fold the sides of the package to the inside. Have a look at the image to see what I mean. Use the folds that you made in step 5.

Step 10: Use scissors to flatten the package

Use scissors to flatten the package and make the folds more sharp. Use the scissors in the same way as in step 5. Flatten both folds and repeat the movement with the scissors until the folds are nice and even.

Step 11: Find a pattern

When you fold the package into the shape of the wallet, the trick is to find an interesting or funny pattern that fits your wallet. Have a look at the design, the texts and the images on the package. Try to figure out where the elements of the original design will go when you fold the wallet into its shape. 

It is important to use the side where the package was glued together as the inside of the wallet. The side where the package was glued together is a little thicker than the other side and if the foldis on the outside it breaks more easily when you start using the wallet. But if this is the first time that you are making a recycling purse, don’t worry about all this. These are details to look at when you are getting more experienced.

Step 12: Fold the package

Now the package needs to be folded into the shape of the wallet. Fold one side up, but not all the way to the top. Leave about 7 cm free on the top. Try to fold the package right the first time. If you start correcting your folds, the package doesn’t look so good anymore.

Step 13: Fold the top part down

Fold the top part over the bottom part. This part will be the flap to close the wallet.

Step 14: Unfold again

Unfold the package again. You can now see the lines where the package was folded. We need these lines in the next steps.

Step 15: Cut off the part behind the flap

The part of the package behind the flap needs to be cut off. Be careful not to cut off everything. If you cut off too much, you’ll need to start over again with a new package… 

The easiest is to first cut the edges left and right of the flap, until the line where the package was folded.

Step 16: Cut off the part behind the flap

After you have cut the sides until the line where the package was folded, cut around to remove the three sides of the package that are not needed.

Step 17: Fold the package back again into the shape of the wallet

Fold the package back again into the shape of the wallet. The package looks like a purse now.

Step 18: Correct the shape of the wallet

See how the wallet looks and correct the parts which are not yet the same size, which don’t fit nicely together or which don’t look good. You can unfold the package again to cut off some more an dfold it together again, until you are satisfied with the shape.

Step 19: Cover the sides of the wallet with adhesive tape

Use duct tape to stick on the sides of the wallet. This will make your wallet stronger and last longer.

Step 20: Use colorful adhesive tape

You can use colourful tape to create a nice contrast with the design on the package. You can use the same color or different colors.

Step 21: Fold the package back into the shape of the wallet.

When your package is covered all around with tape, you can fold it back again into the shape of the wallet. If you want to make your wallet without sticking tape all around, you can also put it back again into its shape and continue with the next step.

Step 22: Almost there

You’re almost there now. Now the two pockets in the middle need to be connected together.

Step 23: Use a small stapler to connect the two pockets together

Use a small stapler to connect the two pockets together. If you don’t have a stapler that is small enough to fit, you can also simple connect the two sides with a paperclip.

Step 24: Use two staples

Use two staples to connect the pockets and try to put them a bit out of the center, one on the left side and one on the right side. It will make your wallet look nicer.

Step 25: Create something to close the wallet

To be able to properly close the wallet you need something to prevent the flap from opening. There are different possibilities to do this.

Step 26: Use Velcro

The easiest is to use a piece of Velcro. You can buy self adhesive Velcro that you just stick on the wallet. You can also glue the Velcro to the wallet. In general you need to be sure that the Velcro sticks really well to thepackage before you start opening and closing the wallet, or it will come off again very soon.

Your own recycled wallet!

And that’s it! Your own recycled money wallet is ready.

A present with a surprise

If you plan to give your wallet to someone as a present, you can surprise the person even more if you put something inside.

The finished product

The finished product is a lovely sized purse that fits into almost any pocket. Try to find a style of your own and turn your wallets into something special. You can experiment with cutting the flap on the front into different shapes to make your wallet look special. There are many variations possible. Be creative and create your own unique recycled money wallet!
-Thank you Jon Berg and Squidoo!  I use my wallet every day!

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  1. afankuchen says:

    hey krista, how’s praia treating you? were stoked about y’all coming up for carnival. Jarrod’s been repping these wallets around town a lot but I think it’s hard for him to find velcro here, electrical tape can be hard too. Any chance that you could send us some that we could reimburse you for? cool, catch ya later

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