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With Love

As I eat dinner each night, two young boys sit on our stairs patiently waiting for leftovers. Often, they wear only a ragged, dirty shirt – no underwear, no pants, no shoes. The flies swarm their open wounds, which are … Continue reading

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Djunta mon

As soon as I arrived in my village, my family informed me about the 15 de Agostu festa. Every day after that, I was reminded about the upcoming festa by a neighbor, new friend, or family member. This weekend we … Continue reading

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Captain Crunch

What I would give for a heaping salad from Whole Foods or a bowl of peanut butter Cap’n Crunch cereal…I have never appreciated America’s amenities, America’s flavors, America’s establishments more than I do now. I guess you could say I … Continue reading

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Working To Work It Out

I realized that I never completed my last blog post. I got too excited about potential curly tailed pets and my thirty-minute Internet session ended. In sum, I have a lot to learn from the Cape Verdean women. They work … Continue reading

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15 people in the back of a small truck bed along with sacks of rice, fruit, bread and vegetables attained at the market, while hugging the curves of mountainous roads and whizzing by planters working the dry, dusty fields and … Continue reading

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