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To all you couch potatoes…

It’s that time of year again.  Probably later today you will find yourself napping on the couch after filling yourself with turkey, stuffing, cranberries and pumpkin pie.  It’s the one day out of the year when you can lounge on … Continue reading

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Onions, anyone?

No more onions.  Currently, the island is out of onions.  No onions to be found.  Not a one.  Earlier in the year, it was cream.  And before that, it was canned tuna.  If the boat doesn’t arrive for some reason, … Continue reading

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Never Stop

Life is about trying. It’s about dancing when you have two left feet.  It’s about singing when you can’t carry a tune.  It’s about loving when no one is perfect.  It’s about attempting to find beauty in the every day.  … Continue reading

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Lost in translation

I saw it in Belize, and now I see it in Cape Verde.  Kids, 4-year-olds, watching American shows and imitating what they see.  Pick up a magazine; turn on your television; read the newspaper – think about the images and … Continue reading

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